#ANTELOPEs5 with Norma Beckers (Yoga Like A Boss)

#ANTELOPEs5 with Norma Beckers

Norma Beckers is a certified Multistyle Yoga teacher and former competitive athlete. She knows how demanding high performance sports are for the body and mind. Norma played Rugby and Lacrosse in the German Bundesliga and National team, respectively, went as rower to the National Championships in New Zealand, and had to learn after her career in sports how to treat her bad back.

As the founder of two companies (yogalikeaboss.com) and producer (dachsbau.tv), she knows what it means to be stressed – in her role as a Yoga teacher and Yin-Yoga-lover, she also knows how to combat it.

Questions & Answers

1. What is your favorite way to start the day?
A good day starts with a coffee. I start every day with a coffee, which is why for me, every day is a good day! The day can get even better with some energizing Yoga flow and with a nourishing breakfast. I like to eat rice porridge with fruits or a miso soup with Tofu.

2. Who is your favorite workout partner?
That depends on the workout. I love being inspired by friends and colleagues during my yoga practice. We often get together to explore new things during a workshop. That is extremely motivating and releases unforeseen energy. For more action packed activities like kite surfing or on my stand-up paddle, I like the company of my friend Jorgen, who constantly pushes mine as well as his limits.

3. What technical devices do you use to track your workout?
I use very little technology during my workouts and mainly listen to my body. But the idea of ANTELOPE has intrigued me the moment I heard about the concept. And that even though I would not consider myself a “techie” at all.

4. What was your first thought when you heard about electro muscle stimulation?
I already knew EMS from physiotherapy for injuries and it has always helped me during my recovery. Many fitness studios offer EMS training, which is why I am very interested in the long-term influence of ANTELOPE on my workouts – my expectations are very high!

5. What is the biggest myth about Yoga?
That yoga is only for esoterics or for thin and flexible 20-somethings. That is of course not true, yoga is for everyone. It does not matter whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, young or old, if you’re thin or more on the chubby side – my motto is: if you have a body, you can do yoga! Body shaming is horrible. Everyone who comes to my yoga classes leaves with a smile and fresh energy. 

Thank you, Norma, for answering our #ANTELOPEs5!


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