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The different ANTELOPE.CLUB products

Besides our core product, the ANTELOPE.SUIT, we offer a selection of different 2-channel-products:

The ANTELOPE.CALF-GUARDS that target your calf muscles.

The ANTELOPE.WING to strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.

The ANTELOPE.TANKTOP that has electrodes placed on your belly and back to strengthen your core.

ANTELOPE.SHORTS to train and shape your legs and glutes.

Battery life of the ANTELOPE.BOOSTER

The BOOSTERs (2-Channel as well as 8-Channel) last up to 4 hours of training.

Size guides, Fit and Care Instructions for the ANTELOPE.CLUB products

To make sure that your ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR fits you well, please follow the self-measurement guide where you can find out how to measure yourself.

The textiles are available for men and women in 4 different sizes (S, M, L, XL for men and XS, S, M, L for women). The specially developed compressive garment of the ANTELOPE products fits very tight for proper positioning of the electrodes but ensures a comfortable fit. It offers multi-directional stretching that allows the textile to conform to every curve of your body and move with you. The fabric is breathable and antibacterial.

The textiles are fully machine washable. The booster is NOT washable or water resistant. To ensure the longest possible life cycle of the garments, please follow the instructions:

  • Wash the textile on the delicate cycle (40°/cold water).
  • Hang it afterwards for drying. This process will protect and extend the durability of the textile.
  • Don´t wash the textile inside out. This makes sure that the electrodes don´t get damaged during the washing.
  • WARNING: DO NOT put the textile into a dryer!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation sounds futuristic – what is it?

ANTELOPE is an evolution of a proven technology called TENS, which has been used for rehabilitation purposes for decades. Elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses is absolutely natural. Elicitation precisely mimics the processes that occur in our body when our brain directs muscles to contract. Every movement you make in your day-to-day life is triggered by a small electrical impulse generated by your brain resulting in the activation of the motor units of your muscles. That’s how movements are generated!

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR has optimized this natural principle by placing the electrodes directly on the muscles and intensifying every contraction while training. Imagine taking a shower and directing the showerhead with strong water beam from a short distance on your muscle – that’s how it feels.

Who can benefit from training with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR

ANTELOPE is the perfect choice for those who haven’t been physically active for a long time and who are looking for a joint-friendly restart, athletes who want to optimize their conventional training, people with weight problems and elderly looking to improve their overall condition.

Advantages of training with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR

Thanks to additional stimulation during each muscle contraction, a workout with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR activates more than 95% of the muscle potential (vs. 70% during conventional workout). This has two major advantages: for identical training results, less time is required and no weights are needed. There is no strain on the joints so the risk of various injuries is minimized.

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is the only tool on the market that can be incorporated into any sport to specifically improve desired coordination patterns (e.g. cycling, football or basketball) and thus directly enhance performance.

How often and when can I exercise with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR?

The number of EMS fitness training sessions per week depends on several factors. The most important factors are the state of your health (incl. diet), previous EMS fitness training experience, what kind of workout you are primarily doing and what ANTELOPE product you are using.  

In general:

–  You should use the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR during your training routine only in a healthy state due to the workout’s high intensity.

–  Beginners should generally start with lower current intensities and increase them from session to session.

–  The time required for the body to recover is longer after a strength training session (high current intensities) than after an endurance specific training (lower supporting current intensities).

–  The more muscles you stimulate, the longer they need to recover.

–  ANTELOPE.SUIT (8 stimulated muscle groups on the whole body):

After exhaustive strength training sessions with the entire ANTELOPE.SUIT you should rest for at least 4 days within the first weeks of training so that your body has enough time to recover. For advanced ANTELOPE SUIT users, a maximum number of 1 – 2  strength training sessions per week can be recommended. Applying ANTELOPE during endurance training sessions results in recovery times being only half as long. So two sessions per week can be accomplished. In general, the number of sessions is subject to the overall intensity of the workout.

–  CALF GUARDS, TANK TOP, SHORTS or WING (one or two stimulated muscle groups):

Due to the reduced number of electrodes used during the workout more sessions can be conducted per week accordingly. 3-4 sessions per week are recommended.

Please note that when the body does not get enough time for its muscle structures to recover the effect of the workout will be insignificant. Therefore, breaks between workouts are extremely important and should be adhered to especially in the beginning.

What’s the difference between ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR and the ab belts from TV commercials?

ANTELOPE offers active, mobile and broad (full body) stimulation vs. the TV-belts’ static, local and isolated stimulation.

Small devices (TENS) with adhesive electrodes and ab stimulating belts are not suited for active training. Moreover, just a limited number of muscles can be stimulated. The positive and negative poles of these devices are usually placed on only one muscle resulting in the isolated stimulation of a few muscle fibres.

The placement of the electrodes in ANTELOPE products is different. Positive and negative electrodes are not located on the same muscle but on the opposite sides of the body, thus, not only stimulating the area directly below the electrodes but also the opponents (antagonists) and stabilizers (synergists) at the same time.

The mobility feature of the ANTELOPE products allows effectively improved movement patterns of an athlete’s sport-specific abilities. You can integrate ANTELOPE into your favourite sports but you can also exercise with a higher overall intensity with a training session at home.

How do I control the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR?

Our ANTELOPE.APP is the ultimate controlling tool for the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR.

The App helps you to set the optimal training intensities, adapting them individually and automatically while increasing the training experience, increases/decreases the training intensity based on the latest scientific findings and offers a huge variety of sport-specific use cases.

We offer guided workouts, videos, explanations, GPS tracking and a social media interface. To make it easier for you to track your performance you will be awarded certain points after every completed exercise. By continuously accumulating points you will be able to track your workout success and adjust it according to your personal goals. Your personal profile will include a training calendar, in which every training session will be saved and can be viewed whenever needed. We are continuously working on new features to provide you with more interaction and variety for your workout.

Using ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR during conventional sports like running or biking

At this time all full-body EMS devices can only be applied stationary. These devices are also extremely expensive with pricing above USD 10,000. For this reason, EMS is currently mainly used in specialized gyms.

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is fully mobile! It removes the spatial boundaries and brings EMS outdoors and home. We have developed special submaximal stimulation programs for each specific sporting activity with training suggestions to avoid a negative influence on coordination during your exercise e.g. during cycling or running. Pre-activation of all muscles and the positive effect of the electrical impulse on the vascular system are the major drivers of the positive results for endurance sports.

Can I use the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR during rain, under wet conditions or for water training?

Do NOT use the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR in wet conditions such as heavy rain or snow, while bathing, showering or swimming.

ANTELOPE - Exercise and Strength

The ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR is based on the Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology(EMS). Using the EMS technology, you are able to remarkably increase the contraction potential of your muscles compared to normal muscle contraction. EMS training has special effects on the fast-twitch muscle fibres and, consequently, leads to increased muscle strength and hypertrophy. Whilst non-athletes voluntarily can only use about 70% of their maximum muscle strength, the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR helps you to reach up to 100%.

Training your Core with ANTELOPE

The core muscles such as the deep back, belly and pelvic floor muscles are often too weak – these can specifically and significantly be strengthened with ANTELOPE.

ANTELOPE training and Nutrition

With the goal to reach the best possible result, you should eat a meal high in carbohydrates 2-3 hours before your EMS fitness training. It fills your glycogen depots and provides you with sufficient energy for an intensive workout. 30-45 minutes before an EMS session you should drink about 0,5l water. To improve the regeneration, it’s recommended to drink a protein shake directly after the workout.

ANTELOPE training during and after pregnancy

During Pregnancy:

Training with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is NOT allowed during pregnancy.

After Pregnancy:

(Re)start your EMS fitness training no earlier than six weeks after childbirth. Start with a lower intensity than you used for training before pregnancy. Focus on the pelvic floor muscles. Turn off the chest electrodes during the nursing period.

Start exercising the lateral abdominal muscles for the first weeks after pregnancy. Avoid exercising the straight muscles (no exercises that press the abdominal muscles to the outside).

Try to prevent yourself from exhaling on exertion to make sure that there is no pressure within the abdomen.

C-section: Be very careful when doing exercises targeting the abdomen. Do not place electrodes on the scar until it has fully healed. 

ANTELOPE training with implants and/or piercings

Metal implants (e.g. plates after operations) and Silicone Chest implants:

After the surgery, you need to pause your workout for at least eight weeks.

  • For Silicone Implants:

Turn off the chest electrodes and turn down the intensity on the arm electrodes. Avoid stretching and high-pressure exercises for chest and shoulders.

  • For Metal implants and piercings:

No limits

ANTELOPE training and Medical conditions / Illness / Operations

Headaches / Migraines

Turn down the intensity of the back and leave out the electrodes on the neck. It´s advisable to use the relaxation program on the neck electrodes after the initial training.

Attention: Be careful how you breathe. Even for healthy people, wrong breathing can lead to a headache after the workout.

Neck tension:

If you have chronical inflammation, don´t use EMS on this area. Be careful about the position of the shoulders while training (e.g. do not elevate).

For beginners: If you have never used the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR before, use the electrodes in the neck after your regular training. Don´t use the electrodes on the neck while exercising, your neck could cramp. 

Low blood pressure: 

Some exercises or high-intensity workouts can lead to circulatory problems. Avoid exercises that require your head being bent over wide; especially in combination with sudden body raises that force you to lift your upper body again. Please be careful about your breathing technique (avoid exhaling on exertion).

High blood pressure:

Do NOT exercise with extremely high intensities. Please be careful about your breathing technique (avoid exhaling on exertion). Please pause your workout regularly. Generally speaking, in comparison to conventional weight lifting, EMS fitness training is recommended because it lowers the blood pressure (Study Uni Bayreuth).

 Disc prolapse:

Training with the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR is possible (also with implants). Normally you can achieve very good results with EMS fitness training. EMS training relieves the vortex joints and advances the nutrition supply to strengthen the spinal disc. A targeted strengthening of the core muscles leads to more stability of the backbone.

Avoid rotation motions. Slow and clean exercising with a focus on the core has priority (abdomen, chest, and back).

Groin Rupture:

Break for about 6 to 8 weeks after the operation. No intensive EMS training on the abdomen afterwards. Turn off the electrodes on the abdomen. Low or no intensity on the upper legs.


Take a longer break (3-4 weeks) after an eye operation or lasering.

The Heart:

People wearing pacemakers are NOT allowed to use the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR.

ANTELOPE does not affect the heart muscle: ANTELOPE uses low-frequency EMS which only affects the skeletal muscles. The impulse needs to be a thousand times higher to influence the heart muscle.

Heart attack: talk to your doctor before you start working out with the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR.

Cardiac arrhythmia: do not exercise with acute arrhythmia. Clarify first with your cardiologist.


Even people suffering from diabetes can train with the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR. However, you should always check your blood sugar levels. We strongly advise you to start working out at a low level and carefully increase the intensity. Don’t increase the intensity too fast at the beginning. 


Cancer puts high pressure on the immune system. Therefore, it is NOT allowed to train with ANTELOPE when you have cancer. Please talk to a doctor before starting to work out again after the removal of Cancer and successful treatments.

Start your training with low intensity. Turn off the electrode on the chest if you had an operation for any kind of chest cancer (Lung or Breast). Due to a possible occurrence of metastases, regular control by a doctor is necessary. When suspecting neoformation of metastases, quit the training immediately.

ANTELOPE training and Weight loss

Compared to other sports, working out with ANTELOPE or EMS in general increases your caloric expenditure – it is much higher than while conventional running, swimming or walking. This is due to the fact that the impulses reach deeper muscle fibres and activate a much higher percentage of your muscle mass simultaneously.

Additionally, ANTELOPE comes with an increased after-burn effect. This means that your body is not only burning calories while working out but also during the regeneration phase. Even with conventional strength training your muscles keep on burning calories long after the EMS fitness training – much longer than after a cardio session.

A high muscle mass leads to a higher basal metabolic rate – you burn more calories, whether you are doing cardio, sitting in the office or just sleeping. Sports – and strength training in particular – is highly effective in supporting weight loss. However, the combination of sports and nutrition is the key to losing weight and becoming fit in a healthy way.

ANTELOPE training and Creatine Kinase

The Creatine Kinase(CK) gives insights about the rate of impact on the muscle tissue through training and therefore also about the intensity and implicit about the effectivity.

After intensive strength workouts, higher CK values are in common. It often results in muscle soreness. Values between 1000 and 3000 U/I after conventional workouts are normal. Due to a stimulation of all muscles simultaneously, the values can be much higher when you train with ANTELOPE, after intensive strength sessions and for high profile endurance athletes, values of about 20000 – 45000 U/I are in common. The highest values occur 4-days after workouts. 

Stomachache during training

Stomachaches while training is more likely coming from the diaphragm than from the stomach. If you turn up the intensity of the upper back too much, the impulse might push on the diaphragm. It´s more likely in common by women and in cases of tension and weak core muscles. The thinner you are, the more likely it happens. Solution: Turn down the intensity of the upper back and look at your breathing. Strain your back muscles voluntary. 


ANTELOPE-Training and Knee problems

Training with ANTELOPE is extremely easy on the joints. The Electrical Muscle Stimulation leads to the strengthening of the leg muscles surrounding the joint and thus promotes stability around the knee joint.

ANTELOPE training and the Treatment of Injuries

The EMS fitness training with the ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR is very joint-friendly. Make sure you have enough time for regeneration between your training sessions. Increase the intensity bit by bit.

Warm up before working out

We suggest a quick warm up every time before strength training. You can use the Warm-up program on the ANTELOPE.APP.  A 5minute cardio session would be optimal (e.g. jogging, cycling or running straight away).

ANTELOPE training and Stretching

In general, stretching is always a good idea before and after exercise. Many sportsmen feel stiff/sore in certain body parts after an intensive conventional strength training session. Therefore, they feel the need to stretch after training. This does not affect a whole body workout with ANTELOPE. With ANTELOPE you have a simultaneous stimulation of the agonist and antagonist muscles (e.g. triceps and biceps). Therefore, temporary muscle dysbalances due to ANTELOPE training are not possible.

We don´t recommend stretching on a training day.

ANTELOPE training and Competitions

High-intensity training comes with longer recovery time. We recommend NOT to train with ANTELOPE at least one week before a marathon.

Studies show a great improvement in performance 14 days after the last EMS session. Especially in speed strength. Therefore, training with ANTELOPE is the ideal support for competition preparation.

ANTELOPE training and Age

Basically, there is no limit when it comes to age. You might have longer recovery times when you’re older. Training with ANTELOPE is convenient to slow down ageing processes (muscle atrophy, bad circulation, atrophy of bone fabrics and gristle density). Strength EMS training’s importance grows with age. Without sufficient strength impulses, the body loses about 1% bone fibre each year. You can train for strength at any age. Due to a low pressure on joints, the training with ANTELOPE is a fantastic tool.

ANTELOPE training and Muscle Convulsions

Muscle convulsions can have many causes. These can be a result of training, nutrition, stress or neurological problems.

Muscle convulsions are more likely to appear after intensive training. Furthermore, it can occur from lack of certain minerals. The involuntary muscle convulsions are usually harmless, they appear and disappear again. Please take care to regularly drink water and also about recovery times.

ANTELOPE training - why only 20 minutes?

EMS is a high-intensity fitness training method. Several studies show that a session of about 15 to 20 minutes is optimal. Workout sessions for 30 or more minutes can cause overtraining resulting in a degradation of performance. 

ANTELOPE training and Sleep problems

If your ANTELOPE training is too close to your bedtime, your body may slow down heavily. In this case please adapt your EMS training times or intensity.

EMS training and Long-term Studies / Long-term Effects

EMS was used in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation since the sixties. Long-term experiences are most common for patients. It is partly used more times a day over years as a chronical kind of therapy. There are hundreds of studies about electrotherapy and there are no negative long-term effects.

EMS training and Muscle stiffness

Muscle stiffness is a pain in the muscle, which results from the partial overstressing of the muscle. Due to the high intensity of an ANTELOPE training session and especially of the deep muscles, the muscle stiffness afterwards is often very strong.

Due to an activation of all big muscle groups simultaneously, as well as surrounding smaller muscles, the muscle stiffness often appears on body parts where you have never felt stiffness before. The muscles are getting fully activated, which is different to a conventional workout. 

Due to adoption processes of your muscle fabrics, the muscle stiffness will be less the more you train with ANTELOPE.

Sore/Stiff muscles for longer periods:

A possible answer could be the provoked reparation mechanisms: the microtrauma in the muscles isn’t causing pain from muscle stiffness. It’s the degradation of the destroyed structures as well as spillage of pain-causing substances like histamine teasing the pain receptor.

ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR, Cellulite and Spider veins

Cellulite originates when fat cells in the subcutaneous fatty tissue get filled and push through the conjunctive tissue fabrics.

The complexion only improves when you empty the existing fat cells. Therefore, nutrition and training can be beneficial. Eating low fat and low carb and protein sources as well as high-quality fats and drinking lots of water can be beneficial.

ANTELOPE activates the metabolism and circulation in your body. Thus fatty substances are better absorbed and thus show an improvement in circulation.

Spider veins are caused by the loss of elasticity of the veins. Due to the increase of circulation when training with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR it has a positive effect.

Attention: Don´t put the electrodes directly on the spider veins.

ANTELOPE training and Posture

Solely wearing the ANTELOPE compression textile leads to a better upper posture. With ANTELOPE EMS training, you are not only training the different shoulder and back muscles. There is also a contraction of the chest and abdomen muscles. This leads to a straighter posture. With conventional workouts, you often train the muscles individually which can lead to muscle imbalances. Meanwhile, EMS training is used to treat posture mistakes of kinds.

The electrical impulses of ANTELOPE  forces the deeper muscles to contract, which is hard to reach with a conventional workout. Deep muscles can be built up in the medium term. Simultaneously muscle tensions can be relaxed. The principles are the same as for tense machines which are used by an orthopaedist. Muscles are not only contracting but also relaxing. 

ANTELOPE Training and the strain intensity in terms of results

As with a conventional workout, the training effort depends on the optimal relation between strain and rehabilitation as well as increasing the strain during the training cycle.

Especially for grievance patients, the intensity plays a big role. An EMS study about back – and urinary incontinence patients (University of Bayreuth) showed a bigger improvement through intensive exercising.

A higher intensity leads to a stimulation of the deeper muscles of pelvic base and abdomen muscles. Even while ongoing training, higher stimuli and training variations become more and more important to cause sufficient adapting reactions of the body.

ANTELOPE training and Conventional workout

ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR’s speciality is the simultaneous stimulation of all big muscle groups with intensive electrical impulses. With conventional workouts, you often have unilateral movements which can lead to muscle imbalances. ANTELOPE in comparison can help you achieve a harmonious muscle building. Moreover, the ANTELOPE training is time-efficient. In a 20-minute training session with ANTELOPE, you can achieve results comparable with 3 hours of conventional workout. Another advantage of ANTELOPE is the low joint strain. While conventional weight training often causes high strain on the passive joints, ANTELOPE is joint-friendly. There is no additional strain – on the contrary, you have tension relief and relaxation of the muscles.

Moreover, ANTELOPE also addresses the deep muscles around the pelvic base and the backbone which are important for core training.

Functional training in combination with ANTELOPE

The big advantage of functional training is the strengthening of the body through complex exercises. As a result, daily motions like running, jumping or rowing get more efficient due to better coordination between the big and small muscles. When the core muscles are too weak, the power blows out and the coordination worsen. With functional training, the sportsman trains important movement patterns. Thus, he improves not only strength and coordination but also his endurance, speed, mobility and posture. Strengthening the joints and muscles also reduces the risk of injury.

Sports scientists, rehabilitation therapists, coaches and competitive sportsman are already using the EMS fitness training. The principles are the same: You are working out with your own body weight, but with special equipment like the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR.

Integrating ANTELOPE in your functional training is a perfect enhancement for strengthening your core while doing complex exercises.