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Who must not train with the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR?

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is basically suitable for all adults who want to improve their physical performance with electro-muscle stimulation.

Do not train with ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have sore muscles, muscle cramps or neurological diseases
  • You have a pacemaker or other electronic implants
  • You have cardiovascular diseases or tumor diseases
  • You have a short-term illness (fever, infections, inflammation)
  • You are pregnant

Caution: Electrodes should not rest on damaged skin or fresh scars!

How to train with ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR?

Do not exercise more than 2×20 minutes a week. Optionally, a 10-minute massage unit can be added. Make sure there is enough time to regenerate between workouts. Before, during and after training, you should drink enough water.

Caution: ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR must not be worn while showering, bathing or swimming. Even in the rain ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR should not be used.

How do I determine the correct fit of my ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR?

To ensure that your ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR fits properly, please use our body dimensioning guide in the shop for the particular product.

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is made of breathable, antibacterial compression material. The textile must fit very tight and should be worn on bare skin to ensure a proper muscle stimulation.

Why does the current intensity sometimes feel different?

The perception of intensity is impacted by several factors. To make the intensity consistent, spray the electrodes pads with the spray supplied.

One or more electrodes are not working properly or suddenly fail during exercise.

  • Close the app and deactivate the BOOSTER.
  • Spray the electrodes with the supplied spray.
  • Check if booster and baseplate are properly connected.
  • Clean the magnetic buttons on the baseplate with ethanol or water.
  • Connect app and BOOSTER again and start with yout training.

If the electrodes still do not work properly then please contact our Customer Care team.

The ANTELOPE.BOOSTER can not be connected to the app.

Activate the location features of your smartphone. Make sure that you do not connect app and BOOSTER with each other via the bluetooth settings of your smartphone, but within the ANTELOPE.APP.

Guarantee and warranty of ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR

The ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR is a commodity. Proper use and proper care are prerequisites to avoid damage.

All ANTELOPE products come with a 24-month warranty and a 6-month guarantee on electrodes and BOOSTER. The relevant regulations can also be found in the user manual for the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR.


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