Staying Fit on Business Travel: 5 strategies from Functional training to Apps 

Fit auf Geschäftsreise

Are airport lounges your second home? Hotels your Oasis retreat? If you are on the road a lot for work, training can become a logistical and temporal challenge. However, you will learn how to integrate regular and effective sports activities into your everyday life. Here are 5 effective strategies for training on business travel.

Strategy 1: Put on sneakers and GO!

Sneakers have the decisive advantage that they can do sports everywhere. Even if you run your usual route at home, this is no reason to forego your business units on business trips. Check out the surroundings of your hotel on Google Maps. Maybe you’ll discover a nice running track that could be fun.

Or you can simply walk around the hotel and let yourself be surprised by what the city has to offer. Even sightseeing is in it! In many large cities, SightRunning or SightJogging is now offered – often from 6 am in the morning until midnight. You can find suitable providers online.

Strategy 2: Choose a Hotel with a Gym

The gym is suitable for targeted strength training – and this is already standard in many hotels. Take a look at the opening hours, so you don’t stand in front of a locked door. And how about a massage or a sauna after working out? Where a gym is, the wellness area is also not far away. You can find out which sports and relaxation offers your hotel on the website. Be sure to book massage appointments or other treatments in advance.

Strategy 3: Travel by Bike 

Most hotels now have their own bicycle fleet. If you rent a bike, you can do sport and discover the city at the same time. For the bike ride, the same as for your running gear – find the best way to find out where a park is near your hotel and which route might be interesting. Do you have colleagues who are also fond of cycling? If you rent several wheels, you can negotiate a discount. And the bike tour is twice as much fun in good company.

Strategy 4: No Gym? No worries! Functional Training in your Hotel Room 

Fit on Business Travel

The conference lasts all day and you have only a very small time window to exercise? Then functional training is the best choice since you can easily complete your units in the morning or evening in the hotel room.

Functional training strengthens the whole body, acts on the muscles as well as on the heart and circulation, trains the coordination and improves the body feeling. Functional training does not address the muscle groups in isolation. Most of the exercises are full-body exercises and this fact makes functional training so effective. Do you want to get even more out of a short game? Then go the next step through functional EMS with ANTELOPE. Combined with the EMS suit, functional training is particularly effective. With these core exercises, you are always right:

• Classic push-up
• Front support (Plank), variation: with external rotation
• Lateral forearm support (Side Plank)
• Superman Hold

Strategy 5: Fit with Technology – Choosing the Gadgets & Tools 

Are you a technical fan? Then you can motivate yourself with a gadget or a good app. The following tools provide the extra kick:

Fitbit Tracker or Smartwatch

Modern tracker and smartwatches can do much more than heart rate measurement and step counting. Daily activity statistics, running time and route in real-time, music playback and the integration of your favorite apps are just some of the features. The design can also be seen. For example, Fitbit watches can be used to change the bracelet for the occasion: with a metal or leather strap, your Smartwatch looks perfect for suit and tie.

Apps like MapMyFitness 

The software is just as exciting as the hardware. MapMyFitness can, for example, analyze your training, record run routines, monitor your diet, and more. If you have not found your favorite fitness app yet, check out our entry to our Top 6 Fitness Apps.

Oldschool: Skipping & Co.

High tech isn‘t your thing? The good old jump rope will be your fitness gadget, it provides an excellent cardiovascular training and fits in every suitcase. If you would like to combine high-tech with old school, you can find a jump rope session with several fitness apps.


The ANTELOPE-TANK-TOP makes you even more effective. The top is equipped with electrodes for back and belly muscles and activates the muscle groups by electrical impulses. With ANTELOPE you can even train in the lounge at the airport. You can wear the TANK-TOP just under your normal clothes and do discreet exercises, which will strengthen your core muscles while you’re on your way.