Mobile EMS

Achieve your fitness goals faster

Our products are a combination of futuristic textiles, state-of-the-art electrodes and innovative hardware and software that will help you get the most out of your body.

Full body workout with EMS suit


The ANTELOPE.SUIT is the ultimate workout companion that enables you to unleash your potential by stimulating even involuntary muscles during your workouts. With electrodes activating all 8 major muscle groups, the ANTELOPE.SUIT empowers the most time-efficient workouts.

Comprised of breathable compression fabric with integrated internal wires, the ANTELOPE.SUIT seamlessly guarantees full freedom of movement. ANTELOPE’s Electrical Muscle Stimulation suit is the latest must-have fitness device.

Abs and back training


The ANTELOPE TANK-TOP is the ultimate companion to enhance every workout session. The TANK-TOP is fitted with electrodes placed on your back and abdominal muscles, which initiate electrical impulses, activating the muscle groups. This Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology targets the hard to reach muscles, enabling you to reach your full potential.

The breathable compression fabric complements your body’s needs throughout your workout. The ANTELOPE TANK-TOP is perfect for both endurance and strength training and for anyone who wants to see the numerous benefits of a strong core and back.

Calf training


The ANTELOPE. CALF-GUARDS are the ideal accessory to advance your every workout. The CALF-GUARDS are equipped with electrodes, which initiate electrical impulses, activating the calf muscles. By precisely targeting your calves, ANTELOPE can enhance your strength and significantly improve your jumping and sprinting ability.

Fitting both male and females, the calf guards are sized according to calf circumference and made of breathable compression fabric, to seamlessly accompany you through workouts. The CALF GUARDS facilitate the increase of both your speed and endurance, as well as being the perfect tool to tone and shape your calves.


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